Text-based Examples

Vision Roll Example

Backstory: In the Dream Mapping, Chris and Carly created a Dream of Restoring the World Tree. The Guide asked each player to create one Milestone for their journey. Chris created a Milestone of Finding the Cure while Carly imagined a Milestone of Untwisting the Roots. They decided that Untwisting the Roots would be the first Milestone in their story. Once their characters are finished. We start with Vision Rolls.

Challenge Example 1

Backstory: Belatraine and Robbie Winters watch as their hard earned Nine-eyed Golden Idol is whisked away on a blimp from just outside an airport hanger. Dartagon has taken the idol from them and left them stranded. 

Challenge Example 2

Backstory: Detective Woolworth and Donnie Braggish are looking for Donnie's sister, Amy. She went missing in the night after warning Donnie for days about strange disappearances. 


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