You have to dream before your dreams can come true.
— A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

What's your dream?

Every story in Dreamchaser is uniquely yours. A memory and an experience that only you, and those lucky enough to play with you, will know. Together, you create a dream to achieve, the characters to pursue that dream, and the moments you want to experience along the way. Set milestones for your characters to dictate what they need to grow. More importantly, set milestones to dictate want you want to experience in the game. Players play characters but also act as an audience in this "choose your adventure" game. Help chisel out your fellow player characters by observing out how they act and learning their intentions. Point it out and watch them evolve. Each story is a tale about growth and learning to belief in yourself. As your character's belief grows, you will find that the universe conspires to connect each of us with our dream. Will you be bold enough to pursue it? Play your part, pursue a dream, and believe!


This is our story

You are not alone in this. Dreamchaser plays best with three or four players. Together, pitch ideas for what you want to achieve in a game. Aim for something fun, something epic, or something personal. Make it an experience! Players play the most crucial or compelling roles. Tie your personal milestones together to create a road map to our goal, the dream. Players are rewarded for accomplishing their milestones as well as those of their friends, as each one brings you closer to the final goal. Help your friends by pointing out how they play their characters and watch their characters improve. Provide a framework for the Game Master to work with and the setting to adhere to, not the other way around. Create a destiny together and achieve it! 

Recent Dream Examples... Find the Source of the Mysterious Light • Befriend a Dragon • Planet Migration • Be Thanked on the Street for Being Another's Inspiration • Learn the Secret of the Haunted House • Get in Contact with the Others • Understand Why We Were Made • Turning the Valley's Waterfalls Back On • Retrieve My Dead Grandmother's Brass Knuckles • Interpret the Transmission • Awaken the Magic of the Earth • Experience the Vastness of the Universe • Broker a Peace • Gain the Trust of My Companions • Find the Lost City • Take Back Our Home • Find a Close Friend • Gain Control of My Visions... 

Why play Dreamchaser?

This is our story, take creative control!

  • Play the story you want to experience, without restriction.
  • Create the character you imagine, the rules won't stop you.
  • Fight your fight. Outsmart, overpower, or talk your way out of situations. Adapt to challenges in a way that rewards creativity and staying true to your character.  
  • Be rewarded for what you want to experience with the use of personal milestones.  
  • Vote descriptive tags on to player characters as the audience.  Have fun even when not in the spotlight!
  • Spend Belief and the universe will conspire in your favor! 

Easy to Play, Easy to Learn!

  • More English and less Math.  No target number charts to refer to or lists of modifiers to memorize.
  • Everything works on an easy to relate to 1-10 scale.  1 is the worst, 10 is the best.  
  • Only need two dice!  Two rolls to learn.  Every roll matters! 

Why Game Master Dreamchaser?

Player Investment and GM Ease!

  • The Dream Map provides you with what the players want to accomplish and how they want to get there.  Remove the guesswork and focus on what matters!   
  • Visions get players thinking about how to be successful while they help you form adventure ideas and challenges.  
  • Create Challenges, NPCs, and Allies on the fly! Don't worry about preparing lengthy monster encounters, non player characters, or player allies ahead of time. Focus on the story, on the characters. on the players.
  • Improvise within rules that won't get in your way.

Inspire Player Investment!

  • Players make all the rolls so you don't have to stop to find dice and they don't have to dawdle while you do.  
  • Failure adds excitement and intrigue, instead of stalling!
  • Audience mechanics to keep players engaged when not in the spotlight.  

Create Stories! create Characters! Create Memories!