Challenge Example 2

Backstory: Detective Woolworth and Donnie Braggish are looking for Donnie's sister, Amy. She went missing in the night after warning Donnie for days about strange disappearances. 

Let's get into it!

Guide: Ok, I don't know how long it's going to take you to find out what happened to Amy, so why don't we use a Challenge to find out?

Woolworth: Right on, I want to use Nosing Around over at the police station and see what I can find out about the disappearances.

Guide: Sounds good. I'm going to call the Challenge: Chasing Amy, because, how can I not? Chasing Amy has a Mind of 6, you have a detective with connections and Donnie knows the victim very well. If you two were any old cops on the street, I'd give this an 8. Let's skip Body unless we find a person to chase or someone to beat info out of. Spirit of 8, even if they wanted to help, most people don't know the info that would be useful to you. Tags are: Rumors, Police Procedure, and Didn't Believe Her. Didn't Believe Her because she tried to to tell you Donnie, you just didn't pay that much attention to it. Same could be said about the police.

Donnie: Well, I asked for that didn't I? I tagged Amy with Crazy Enough to Be True.

Woolworth: Can I head over to the precinct? I can call ahead to Sgt. Mundy, that way I'll have a reason for being in the back. 

Guide: What's your Relationship with him? How close are you? 

Woolworth: Close, we used to work together before I left the force for the private sector. 

Guide: Ok, he'll make time for an office visit. You walk into the old familiar Police Station on 45th. It's got old fashioned double doors as it used to be the old town hall. Just inside you find yourself in a small lobby with America's most wanted on the wall. A Receptionist is in the window to your right. 

Woolworth: I tip my hat. "Woolworth to see Sgt. Mundy. He's expecting me."

Guide: A computer chair slides into view. Jimmy Hancock, a familiar face, looks back at you. Jimmy says, "Woolworth, you are a sight for sore eyes. You bring me a coffee?"

Donnie: What a dick?

Woolworth: I hand him my coffee. "Just like you like it...mine." 

Guide: Jimmy buzzs you in. Down the hall and around the corner, you walk into a large open wood trimmed space with bad fluorescent lighting. The room has many desks with staff working phones, paperwork, and computers. You know Mundy's office is to the left. 

Woolworth: I walk up to the door and give it a tap before walking in.  

Guide: Mundy eyes you, he's on the telephone finishing his call. Mundy says, "Yeah, yeah, I know the Mayor wants this hush. I know it's an election year." Why don't you roll for Nosing Around. Roll Reason, everything about this is right up your alley. 

Woolworth rolls a 5 for Reason and a 9 for Nosing Around.

Woolworth: One success. (Woolworth has a 6 Reason and a 7 Nosing Around.) I have a Way with Words as a Tag, can I reroll Nosing Around? 

Guide: Sure, I don't think the Challenge's Tags are going to hurt your chances here. How does that Tag help you? 

Woolworth: I'll talk to the Sgt. Leverage the phone conversation on him and see if I can help. It might get him to slip me something useful. 

Guide: Go ahead and roll.

Woolworth rolls a 7. (Woolsworth's Nosing Around is a 7, you have to roll under.)

Guide: What do you say to him? Sgt. Mundy hangs up the phone and looks at you. "Tom (Woolworth), what are you working on?" 

Woolworth: "Donnie Braggish of Braggish Metalworks. His sister Amy went missing. He hired me to look into it. Says she was talking crazy lately. Talking about people disappearing. Socialite types with mommy and daddy money." 

Guide: "I assume the pay is good. How can I help?" 

Donnie: Real good!

Woolworth: "Know anything?" 

Guide: "She's not the only one. Seems like people who like to go out and have a good time are the target." Do you have any other Tags that could help you? (Woolsworth has a Belief of 5, so he can reroll two failed dice.)

Woolworth: Never Stumped.

Guide: Roll

Woolworth rolls an 8. (Woolsworth's Nosing Around is an 7.)

Woolworth: Man, that die really hates me! I'm never stumped. I'm going to spend Belief and buy the success. 

Guide: Awesome! Which ability are you using? 

Woolworth: Hope, spend 2 Belief right? 

Guide: Yep, what do you think happens? 

Woolworth: I think the sergeant spills the beans. I think whatever has got the mayor up in a fuss is related. 

Guide: Sgt. Mundy leans in, "The Chief is up my ass. The Mayor's office wants this quiet. You been watching the news? The race between the mayor and the former district attorney is heating up. These missing persons cases are starting to pile up and it won't be long before they are used to take him out of the race. That DA is some piece of work." Mundy leans forward. "Convenient isn't it? He's running on incompetence in law enforcement."

Woolworth: "You think they're tied together?" 

Guide: Mundy turns to look out the window from his chair. "I don't know, but it is quite the coincidence... You know Tito's on 5th, the old tequila bar?"

Woolworth: "Yeah, the new nightlife seems to be springing up all around that hell hole." 

Guide: "Officers have been patrolling the area in plain clothes, seems to be the new hip place to go. If socialites are going missing in New Haven, I'd see where they are going from there."

Donnie: That it? I could have told you that!

Guide: "Mendez and Washington are the leads on the case. Go see what you can get from them."

Woolworth: "Grab a beer later?"

Guide: "Yeah, see you at Holly's." Woolworth, you used Belief for a double success, so you deal 2 Spirit damage to the Challenge. Challenge is down to 6. Do you want to add or remove a Tag? 

Woolworth: I want to add Mendez and Washington as a Tag. 

Guide: Done. Donnie? How do you want to tackle the Challenge? 

Donnie: So, we are trying to find Amy. If Detective Woolworth went to the station. I'll go give her home another look, maybe with Mendez and Washington. I want to take a detailed look through her belongings. There must have been something we missed. 

Guide: Ok, so you arrive at Amy's apartment and Detective Mendez is standing outside the door. "There he is," the stoic detective says quietly. He looks you over, taking in everything about you, studying you. Mendez says, "Detective Washington is inside, shall we?" Mendez lets you in the apartment and follows behind you. Inside, you walk into a central hallway that splits the apartment. At the far end, you can see a bald dark colored man in a long coat. He waits for you to approach. 

Donnie: I introduce myself to Washington and thank them for coming. I want them to know that i am serious and want to leave no stone unturned. "We will find my sister!" 

Guide: We should roll for that. Let's see if they believe you. They'll probably be a lot more helpful if they do. What Strategy do you think would help you? 

Donnie: Well, I have Giving Orders but I'm not sure they'll take kindly to that. 

Guide: Roll Imagine and Giving Orders. If you know how to express what you need efficiently maybe that'll be enough. 

Donnie rolls an 8 for Imagine and a 1 for Giving Orders.

Donnie: One success. (Donnie has a 5 Imagine and a 5 Giving Orders.)

Guide: It's Police Procedure not to count you out as a suspect. Their training is to doubt you. Reroll your success (due to the Police Procedure Tag).

Donnie rolls a 3. (Donnie has a 5 in Giving Orders.) 

Guide: Do you have any Tags that can help you? 

Donnie: Hmm, I'm Punctual. So, I'm put together, on time, and mild mannered. They might see that I'm just trying to help and not some guy on a power trip. 

Guide: Give it a roll.

Donnie rerolls Imagine and gets a 2. 

Donnie: Two successes. (Donnie has a 5 Imagine and a 5 Giving Orders.)

Guide: You explain your case to the detectives and they seem to let their guard down a bit. Besides taking a smoke break, both men diligently help you dig around. Your sister was quite a slob. Her clothes are piled up in several rooms in the apartment. In one of those piles of clothing, you see the shirt she was wearing the last time you saw her. The shirt from two days ago. 

Donnie: I go pick it up.

Guide: When you do, you see a pair of your sister's underwear. Something you probably wish you could unsee! You see something else too. A bar napkin with something written on it. 

Donnie: What's it say? 

Guide: 555-5599

Donnie: "Mendez! Washington! Did one of you try calling this number?" 

Guide: Mendez says, "No, I've never seen that before." Washington comes in behind him. Washington says, "No, but isn't that a napkin for Tito's?" The detectives both take a long look at each other. 

Donnie: "What's Tito's?" 

Guide: You deal 2 damage to the Spirit of the Challenge as you got the detectives to help you find a lead. The Challenge is down to 4 Spirit. Do you want to add or remove a Tag? 

Donnie: Let's remove Police Procedure. I think if Mendez and Washington stick with us, we'll be able to skirt that from now on. 

Guide: Ok, scratching Police Procedure. Woolworth, what are you up to? 

Woolworth: I walk over to Mendez's desk at the precinct and grab a business card. With the number in hand, I give him a ring. 

Guide: A man answers, "Detective Mendez."

Woolworth: "Always short and to the point. This is Woolworth, remember me?" 

Guide: "Yeah, tall guy, talks too much, you went private eye on us three years ago."

Woolworth: "I just finished talking to Sgt. Mundy about the disappearances. I'm working a case for Donnie Braggish. His sister went missing." 

Guide: "Funny, he didn't mention you." 

Woolworth: "What?" 

Guide: "We're digging up the the Sister's apartment as we speak."

Woolworth: "Find anything?" 

Guide: "Let's talk in person. Meet us at Tito's on 5th."

Woolworth: "Tito's...." I head on over.

Guide: Everyone is at Tito's Place. Tito's is packed into a strip of restaurants, clubs, and boutiques right on 5th. It's got an awning with a bouncer outside a set of stairs that take you to the lower level bar. Inside, the place is long and narrow with yellow light muted by shades throughout. There are a handful of TVs and about a dozen patrons, mostly working class. Donnie and the detectives grab a round of beers and take a table in the back. For time's sake, I'll say that you fill each other in on the situation and skip the pleasantries. 

Woolworth: I think we should split up and stake out the block. We can take note of who comes in and out of these places. If we keep communication up, we should be able to to put eyes on the "who's who" that comes and goes. If we can narrow down a few possible targets, we might be able to watch for what happens to them. 

Guide: What Strategy would help you? Sounds like Who's Who? Use Reason, you came up with a plan, and have more eyes and ears. 

Woolworth rolls a 10 for Reason and 9 for Who's Who. (Woolsworth has a 6 Reason and a 5 Who's Who.)

Guide: Any Tags that could help? 

Woolworth: I'll use the Tag I made for Mendez and Washington. Maybe I didn't see someone but they did. They do have a knowledge of some of the other missing persons. Maybe someone stands out to them. 

Guide: Roll.

Woolworth rolls a 1 for Reason. (One success, Woolsworth has a 6 Reason.)

Guide: Ok, they catch a glimpse of Tiger Elliott, son of New Haven's former District Attorney. Tiger's dad is running for Mayor. Rumors at the office have the police questioning political ties to the disappearances. Those Rumors distract them. Reroll your success (due to the Rumors Tag).

Woolworth rerolls his Reason for a 4. (Still, one success.)

Guide: Do you have any other Tags you'd like to use? 

Woolworth: Nope, my Belief is a 3 now. I can only use the one Tag.

Guide: That's right, I forgot. Just the one success, You take 1 damage to your Mind and the Challenge takes 1 damage to it's Mind. It is down to 5. Mendez and Washington start filling up your communication channel with chatter about the former district attorney. They mention that Tiger is heading to the Penumbra with a small entourage. Mendez says, "Donnie, do you have a visual on the Penumbra? I'm about to lose sight of them." Washington says, "I'm moving closer to get a view from across the street."

Donnie: We never called that number. 

Woolworth: What number? 

Donnie: The number on the napkin. 

Woolworth: Call the number!

Guide: Donnie, what do you want to do? 

Donnie: I call the number.

Guide: Are you also getting a visual on the Penumbra? 

Donnie: Sure, can I do both? 

Guide: Yes, what Strategy do you want to use? 

Donnie: How about Multitasking.

Guide: Hehe, ok! Roll Reason and Multitasking. These are everyday activities you can safely do from where you are at.

Donnie rolls a 7 for his Reason and an 8 for Multitasking. (Donnie's Reason is a 5 and his Multitasking is a 4.)

Guide: Any Tags you'd like to use? 

Donnie: I don't want to risk the possibility of a critical fail. (Donnies' Reason is a 5 and his Multitasking is a 4.) I'm going to spend the Belief and buy a critical success. (Donnie's Belief is a 6, now 4.)

Guide: What's the best possible thing that could happen here? Let's start with Woolworth.

Woolworth: I think he calls the number and Tiger answers the phone. 

Donnie: That's awesome!! Yeah, that has to happen! 

Guide: A critical roll deals double damage. I think this would count as outsmarting the Challenge, don't you agree? So, Mind is the target. That brings the Challenge down to a 1 Mind and a 4 Spirit. Do you want to get rid of a Tag or add a Tag?

Donnie: I want to get rid of Rumors. 

Guide: Rumors is removed from the Challenge. Woolworth, bring us home! How are you going to help us find Amy? 

Woolworth: I'm going to try giving orders even though I don't have the Strategy. We need to move in on Tiger and find out how he's involved. 

Guide: Do you want to take him into custody or just move into the Penumbra and see what he's up to? 

Woolworth: I want us to move in on the Penumbra in each way possible. The detectives and I will use their badges to get in the front and back doors. Donnie can use the line or maybe has enough rep to get in on his name alone. 

Guide: What Strategy do you want to use?

Woolworth: I'll use Nosing Around, we can say that we know about the backdoor because I've snooped around the area before. I'll use Imagine if that's a stretch? 

Guide: Cool

Woolworth rolls a 7 for his Imagine and a 7 for Nosing Around. (He's got a 5 Imagine and a 7 for Nosing Around.)

Woolworth: Oh shit! 

Donnie: Critical failure!

Guide: What's the worst possible thing that can happen here? Woolworth, what do you think?

Woolworth: Maybe Donnie spooks Tiger. 

Guide: What do you think, Donnie? 

Donnie: Woolworth gets hit by a car trying to cross the road. It wasn't an accident, either! Somebody purposely hit him because we spooked them. 

Woolworth: Well, the damage is probably going to knock me out anyway. 

Guide: Woolworth, you give out your commands and everyone starts moving into position. Each of you is renewed with purpose as things are beginning to line up. If Tiger had a hand in this, that would surely imply some connection with the political campaign. This is the kind of case that makes a career and puts people on the map... If it doesn't put you six feet under first. Woolworth, you turn and hold your hand out as your crossing the road. You make eye contact with the driver of a black SUV and think that he's going to stop. Unfortunately, he doesn't. He floors it! Take 4 damage to your body (due to the critical fail). You also get a Negative Tag. Let's say Woolworth is Marked for Death. 

Donnie: Oooooo!

Woolworth: Ouch, my Health is all 4's. I'm down. 

Guide: What happens to you? 

Woolworth: I get hit by the SUV and roll into the windshield. The SUV backs up throwing me off the hood and on to the ground. It readies to run me over but luckily too many people rush to my aid. The SUV's gotta hightail it or make a big mess!

Guide: People rush to your aid and call 911. Washington reveals he's a cop and takes over the situation. Mendez huffs it to the SUV with his badge in hand, calling for it to stop. The SUV kicks it into reverse and tries to pull away. You've lost Tiger in the crowd but you saw him a moment ago. Do you give him chase or deal with the SUV? 

Donnie: What do I do, what do I do? 

Woolworth: Get Tiger! Maybe someone will get the license plate on that SUV. People in line have to have cameras on their phones taking pictures. What else would they be doing?

Donnie: I run after Tiger, but I'm not trying to outrun him. I want to outsmart him and run him into a dead-end. Can I use Multitasking to chase after him and finger Google Maps on my phone? 

Guide: Ok, I think I get what you're saying. You want to try and find an alley or dead-end street to chase him into?

Donnie: Yes.

Guide: Roll Imagine and Multitasking.

Donnie rolls an 8 for Imagine and a 1 for Multitasking.

Donnie: One success. (Donnie's Imagine is a 5 and his Multitasking is a 4.)

Guide: As you chase after Tiger, you find him ahead of you, stopped by a tall chain link fence. Your sister told you, that one of her friends said she saw a man fall from a two-story window unharmed, but you didn't believe her. Reroll your success (due to Didn't Believe Her Tag). 

Donnie rerolls his Multitasking for a 7.  (Now, a failure.)

Guide: Tiger jumps ten feet into the air, bounces off an alley wall and hops the chain link fence. Are their any Tags you'd like to use?

Donnie: I want to use Mendez and Washington. Earlier, when we set up communications. I made sure we all had each other's position via our phones. They swoop in on the other side of the fence to surround Tiger. 

Guide: Roll.

Donnie: Come on...

Donnie rerolls his Imagine for a 4. (Donnie's Imagine is a 5.)

Donnie: YES!

Woolworth: YES!

Guide: One success means you both take 1 damage to your Mind. That is enough to complete the Challenge. What happens next? 

Woolworth: I'm going to the hospital. Want to visit? 

Donnie: We take Tiger in for questioning. If he thinks otherwise, we take him by force. He's going to tell us what he knows about my sister! 


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