Vision Roll Example

Backstory: In the Dream Mapping, Chris and Carly created a Dream of Restoring the World Tree. The Guide asked each player to create one Milestone for their journey. Chris created a Milestone of Finding the Cure while Carly imagined a Milestone of Untwisting the Roots. They decided that Untwisting the Roots would be the first Milestone in their story. Once their characters are finished. We start with Vision Rolls.


Let's get into it!

Guide: First things first, Vision Rolls!

Chris grabs 2 ten-sided dice.

Guide: Both of you give me a roll. You want one die under your character's Imagine rating and one die under their Reason. 

Carly rolls a 1 for Imagine and a 3 for Reason. (Her character has a 4 Imagine and a 6 Reason.)

Chris rolls a 6 for Imagine and a 10 for Reason. (His character has a 7 Imagine and a 3 Reason.)

Guide: How many successes did you roll? 

Carly: Two!

Chris: One. What if I would have rolled even? Does it have to be under the rating? 

Guide: Yes, always under the rating.

Chris: Good to know.

Guide: So, we go in order of least successes to most successes. Chris, we start with you. 

Chris: Ok.

Guide: Our Dream is to Restore the World Tree. In that story, our first Milestone is to Untwist the Roots. Why can't we achieve the first Milestone? What's stopping us? Think about this solely as a player. 

Chris looks at his Character Sheet. His character has three Strategies: Spouting Prophecies, Waving his Staff around like a Baton, and You Shall Not Pass. 

Chris: Because Darklings won't let us. They are protecting the roots. They twisted them up and won't let them get the food they need to sustain the World Tree. 

Carly: Cool! 

Guide writes down his response on the Guide Sheet. 

Guide: Nice, how do you think your character would try to solve that problem? 

Chris: I'm going to find out why they are doing it and change that. Whatever their reason, I'm gonna change their reason. 

Guide writes down his response on the Guide Sheet. 

Guide: Interesting... Carly, since Chris rolled one success, you get to create a Tag for him. It should reflect how his character is going to try and solve the problem. 

Carly: Should it be something good or bad? 

Guide: Totally up to you. He gets to choose whether his character uses it. So, do whatever you think will be fun for us and the story. 

Carly: Hmm... How about Doesn't Mind Getting Dirty? 

Guide: That's a good one! Chris, write that on the right column of your Tags. If you write it to the right of another one of your Tags, you'll safeguard it for later (if you get a bunch of Negative Tags).

Chris: I guess I better roll up my sleeves.

Guide: Carly, your turn. Why can't we achieve the next Milestone? What's stopping us? You can piggyback on what Chris said or tell us something totally different. That's a benefit of going last. 

Carly: I like the Darklings a lot. We can't get to them. They have burrowed a path through the ground, like a mining tunnel. Maybe they blocked the entrance or we need to find it. 

Guide writes down her response on the Guide Sheet. 

Chris: Don't make me dig...

Carly: Oh, you're digging!

Guide: How would your character try to solve the problem? 

Carly looks at her Character Sheet. Her character has the Strategies: Heavenly Fist, Tai Chi, and Gift Wrapping. 

Carly: I'm going to make them a deal they cannot refuse. Besides, I have presents. 

Guide writes down his response on the Guide Sheet. 

Chris: Wow.

Guide: Carly, you rolled a double success, so you get to create a Tag for your character. Write it on the right column.

Carly: I think my character might need to be Pissed...

Guide: Ok, we ready to start? 


Vision rolls create hypothetical problems and situations. The Guide uses the player responses to gauge their interests and as fuel for story plot. They are suggestions for the Guide to add to their own thoughts and mash together into the coolest session possible. 


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