Challenge Example 1

Backstory: Belatraine and Robbie Winters watch as their hard earned Nine-eyed Golden Idol is whisked away on a blimp from just outside an airport hanger. Dartagon has taken the idol from them and left them stranded. 

Let's get into it!

Guide: The blimp is taking off, and with it, your golden idol! What do you do? 

Belatraine: Jet packs! Are there any jet packs in the hangar?

Guide: Sure, Robbie was doing his Rocket Man thing earlier and could have left his in the hangar.

Belatraine: I run in the hangar and see if I can find it. 

Guide: You do.

Belatraine: I run out of the hangar, strapping it to my back as I go. I yell to Robbie, "Hey, grab my hand!" and take off toward the blimp. 

Robbie: What are you doing? You're not about to do what I think you are...

Guide: What Strategy would you like to use to see if you can operate the jetpack? 

Belatraine: Uh oh...

Robbie: You should have let me fly the pack!

Belatraine: I want to use Smooth Operator, as a spy have to keep my cool and catch on quick to pass as other people all the time. 

Guide: Roll under your Imagine and Smooth Operator.

Belatraine rolls a 9 for Imagine and a 2 for her Strategy. 

Belatraine: 1 success (Her Imagine is a 6 and her Smooth Operator is a 5.)

Guide: You grab Robbie's hand and spiral into the sky after the blimp. You don't quite have a handle for the controls and are flying too fast—too wild. Are there any Tags that could help you here? 

Belatraine: I'd like to use clever. As I spiral through the air, I whisper to Robbie. "How do I make it go in the right direction?" maybe with his help I can figure it out quick, like real quick!?

Robbie: i try to guide the hand that I'm clasped to and yell instructions at the top of my lungs. 

Guide: Sounds good, how'd you roll?

Belatraine: 10! Dang, no good! just one success. (Her Belief is a 4.)

Guide: Spiraling through the air Robbie's hand begins to slip...

Robbie: This can't be good!

Guide: and as you soar through the air, Dartagon's men on the blimp begin to take notice. 

Belatraine: Hold on Robbie, we're almost there!

Guide: Some of Dartagon's men point and laugh at the swirling spectacle of you two haphazardly flying through the air.

Robbie: Are we close enough that I can let go or swing to Blimp's ship under the giant balloon? 

Guide: Yes, Belatraine is having trouble controlling the jetpack, but she did get you two close to it. What Strategy would help you throw yourself onto the ship? 

Robbie: Rocketman, I'm not the one in the jetpack but I know how they move and can predict when to let go for the right forward momentum. 

Guide: Usually, you're the one flying, let's say Imagine and Rocketman. 

Robbie rolls a 7 for Imagine and a 1 for Rocketman.

Robbie: 1 Success (His Imagine is a 7 and his Rocketman a 6.) As my character lets go of Belatraine, I'd like to direct my landing by swooping headfirst toward the ship like a skydiver. My character is graceful, can I use that to reroll. 

Guide: Go for it.

Robbie rerolls his Imagine and this time it's a 6.

Robbie: Double Success! Just before I would crash head first onto the ship, I roll into a somersault and kick up to my feet. 

Guide: Miser, Dartagon's right hand man shows his face. He says, What are you idiots laughing at? He's on the ship. What do we do to stowaways? One of the men marches ahead of the others towards you, Robbie. He says, We throw they overboard, with a murderous look on his face. This starts a Challenge! If you two want to get inside and get your idol back, you're going to have to figure a way past Dartagon's hired help.

Belatraine: Wait until they get a load of me. I'm gonna see how well they fly!

Guide: The Challenge is Getting to Dartagon. Let's say the Challenge has a Mind of 5, there's a group to out wit. Body is a 7, they outnumber you and have guns. Spirit is a 5, they are hired help with an advantage but that can change quickly. Their Tags are Tommy Guns, goons, and Miser. The guns are self explanatory. Goons because they each other's back. Miser because they have a smart capable lieutenant with them. 

Belatraine: Can I get the jet pack under control and fly into the man walking toward Robbie, foot first? 

Guide: Sure, give me a roll. Sounds like Flashy Kicks to me.

Belatraine: Sure is, would that be Imagine or Reason, here? 

Guide: Really, it could be either. You did call them Flashy Kicks, it doesn't get more flashy than this! So, it could be Reason but how you adapts crash landing a jet pack into a flashy kick could be Imagine. 

Belatraine: I'll go Imagine, I could use all the help I can get. 

Belatraine rolls a 2 for Imagine and a 4 for Flashy Kicks.

Beltraine: Two successes. (Belatraine's Imagine is a 6 and Flashy Kicks is a 6)

Guide: You spiral past the crew on the ship and swing up and around the giant balloon. Like a falcon, you dive bomb toward Dartagon's henchman that is menacing toward Robbie. Miser yells, LOOK OUT! Reroll your successes (due to the Miser Tag from the Challenge).

Beltraine: Come oooonnnnn...

Belatraine rolls a 5 for Imagine and a 2 for Flashy Kicks.

Beltraine: YES!! Still two successes!

Guide: What happens? 

Beltraine: I come crashing down on this Joe's cheek as he creepily turns his head staring at Robbie. The man crumbles under my heel and slams to the ground. 

Guide: You deal two points of damage to the Challenge, this was obviously targeting the Body of the Challenge. You also get to add a Tag to the Challenge or remove a Tag from the Challenge. 

Belatraine: I'd like to remove Miser. After I crumble this guy, I look at him and let him know, that he's next. So, he'll be too busy to help the others. 

Guide: Ok, Challenge has 5's across the board and I'll scratch Miser. Robbie, your turn, what do you want to do?

Robbie: I'd like to roll and grab the guy's gun. The guy that Belatraine just sent to the dentist. 

Guide: Ok, what do you want to do with it? 

Robbie: I think that if Belatraine is going to fly after Miser, I can probably shake up the rest and send them running if I play my cards right.

Guide: How do you want to do that?

Robbie: I'll roll and pick up the gun. I want to pick it up and roll to one knee in a shooting position. I'll aim the gun at someone unarmed and use my commanding voice to tell them to stand down. I'll say, put down your weapons and noone has to get hurt. Can I roll my Lay Down the Law Strategy? 

Guide: Sure, sound like Reason. You've probably done this a thousand times. 

Robbie rolls a 5 for Reason and a 2 for Lay Down the Law. 

Robbie: One success. (Robbie's Reason is a 4 and his Lay Down the Law is a 6.) 

Guide: You grab the gun and roll but the men begin to circle you as Belatraine bursts away. Reroll your success. The Goons are making it hard for you to be threatening. 

Robbie rerolls his Lay Down the Law and gets a 10. 

Guide: The goons are closing in as you take position and pick one with the point of the gun. Are there any Tags that could help you?

Belatraine: What about your Badge? 

Robbie:  That's right, I have a Relationship with my Badge from the Force. I'm going to use my Authority Tag from my Relationship. 

Guide: How does that help you? 

Robbie: My character has a sincere concern for human life after years on the police force. The Badge may be in my pocket but I can feel it pressing against my chest. It makes me bold. Makes me do the right thing. 

Guide: Reroll your Reason or your Lay Down the Law.

Robbie rolls under his Reason with a 1. 

Robbie: One success.

Guide: Ok, the men have you surrounded but halt has you point your gun at one of them and bellow out your command. Both of you take 1 damage to your Spirit.  So, the Challenge now has a 4 Spirit. Belatraine, what are you doing to Miser? 

Belatraine: I kick off with one foot and fly toward him. I want to grab him and fly him up and off the ship. 

Guide: What Strategy would help you? 

Belatraine: I think I have the hang of this, I try Smooth Operator again.

Guide: Let's say Imagine and Smooth Operator, it's going to be awhile before you really get a hang of the jet pack, especially while grappling. 

Belatraine rolls a 7 for Imagine and a 1 for Smooth Operator.

Belatraine: One success.

Guide: Miser quickly tries to pull his tommy gun out to stop you. Reroll your success. 

Belatraine rolls a 4, still a success for Smooth Operator. 

Belatraine: I never give up. I see his gun and fly faster, hoping to beat him to the punch. 

Belatraine rerolls her Imagine with the Never Give Up Tag. She gets a 4! 


Belatraine: Critical success!

Guide: Two fours, both successes, awesome! What's the best thing that can happen here? Let's start with Robbie. Robbie, what's the best thing that can happen here? 

Robbie: I think she grabs miser by the arm as he tries to lock and load. Holding the gun in one arm and spinning toward the ledge, he drops the gun to stable himself, but is lifted off the ground. Staring at the distant ground below, he'll have to give Belatraine whatever she wants. 

Guide: Belatraine, what's the best possible thing that could happen here?

Belatraine: I wanted to show him what we do to blowhards that threaten us and take our golden idol! Now, that I have him. I think I want to scare him and use that to get the others to surrender.

Guide: Cool! How do you see it going down? 

Belatraine: I swoop him over the ledge just like Robbie said. Then, I let him beg for mercy and drop him just so that the others can hear and see him panic. What they don't know is that he falls onto some kind of catwalk along the side of the deck. 

Guide: Criticals deal double damage, so your 2 damage turns to 4. You used the critical to switch to Spirit and that defeats the Challenge. Take us home! Robbie what happens on your end? 

Robbie: When Miser falls, the henchmen cringe at the sound of his sniveling. I take that opportunity to put myself into a better position behind a crate and guy I have at gun point. I say, Whatever Dartanon's paying you, it isn't enough! Come quietly or she'll throw each and every one of you overboard. 

Belatraine: I hover over to Robbie and evaluate the scene.

Robbie: I hand Belatraine a tommy gun to reinforce my point. What are you waiting for!? I said get down on your knees and put your hands up! I begin to zip tie their hands. I don't have enough cuffs. 

Belatraine: Where is Dartanon?

Guide: You hear a man's voice from a loud speaker above. You'd recognize it anywhere.

Belatraine: Dartanon! 


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