Warriors of Power Sample Characters

Help Ayana, Hassan, Mina, and Rod preserve the Golox Crystal!

  1. Pick player characters (PCs). As a Warrior of Power, each PC has a color theme next to their name.

  2. Imagine a Dinozord or Dinosaur Mecha for your Warriors of Power to pilot. They can summon their Zord when battling giant monsters. The Zords can combine to create a giant humanoid robot known as a Megazord!

  3. Order the characters' Milestones into a sequence (Dream Mapping).

  4. Use Vision Rolls to imagine problems for the first Milestone.

  5. Play, PCs have Golox Morphers to call on their powers.

Ayana Pink Warrior1024_1.jpg

Ayana - Pink Warrior

The Optimistic Inventor

Hassan Red Warrior1024_1.jpg

Hassan - Red Warrior

The Hotheaded Leader

Mina Black Warrior1024_1.jpg

Mina - Black Warrior

The Edgy Fighter

Rod Yellow Warrior1024_1.jpg

Rod - Yellow Warrior

The Heart of the Team