Otherworldly Sample Characters

Robin: Hi Luis, who's the hospital escapee?

Luis: Is Geoff here? We gotta get her somewhere safe. She's in trouble. 

Robin: Riiiight...because it would make too much sense to just call the police. GEOFF, YOUR IDIOT FRIEND IS HERE! 

Help Luis, Geoff, Robin, and Sara put an end to Project 99!

  1. Pick characters.

  2. Order the character's Milestones into a sequence.

  3. Use Vision Rolls to imagine problems for the first Milestone.

  4. Play!

Sara-Character Sheet.jpg

S4R4 aka Sara

The Quiet Experimental Runaway

Luis-Character Sheet.jpg

Luis Castillo

The Action Movie Junkie

Geoff-Character Sheet.jpg

Geoff Hein

The Brilliant Child Inventor

Robin-Character Sheet.jpg

Robin Hein

The Crafty Teacher's Assistant