RomCom Sample Characters

Robin: Erin, if we're ever going to hook up Jordan and Jaime, we're going to need to make a good first impression.
Erin: Reeelax! I watch a LOT of daytime T.V. This is going to work like a charm!
Robin: *shakes head* I can't believe I agreed to this. Oh! Jordan and Jaime should be in position.
Erin: I see them. They're on treadmills by the step ladder thing.

Jaime makes eye contact with Jordan and gives a soft smile. Feigning a leg cramp, Jaime falls, pretending to be wracked with pain.

Robin: Is that a leg cramp?

Jordan stops jogging and rushes over to Jaime.

Jordan: Oh my god, are you ok?

Help Robin, Erin, Jaime, and Jordan find love!

  1. Pick characters.

  2. Order the characters' Milestones into a sequence.

  3. Use Vision Rolls to imagine problems for the first Milestone.

  4. Play!

TP Robin.jpg

Robin Jaehn 

Aspiring Actor

TP Erin.jpg

Erin Fortesque

Hopeless Romantic

TP Jaime.jpg

Jaime Bray

Shy College Student

TP Jordan.jpg

Jordan Wayne

Mister Right