Hong Kong Action Sample Characters

Rain drums the hood of a Hong Kong Taxi...

Gordon: Danny, Song will not stop. He will hurt everyone in your life unless you agree to be reinstated to the Triad. Now, he has your brother, a cop no less. What do you think the Triad does to unwanted police, huh?

Danny: Will it ever end!? They shot my father. They took your arm. And now, they have Donnie.

Gordon answers the phone as Danny spins the taxi around.

Leslie: Song is at the Tea House and he’s got Danny’s brother with him. He knows you’re coming for him.

Beaten by song’s Triad enforcers, Donnie sits tied to a chair in the back of a long and narrow tea house. Song’s voice calls for help as the sound of bullet fire rings from the other room. A woman slips into the room as everyone else runs out.

Donnie: Leslie, what are you doing here?

Leslie: I may work for the Triad, but you are still my brother. Grab your things, Danny and Gordon are here to rescue you.

Donnie: Danny...

Help Gordon, Danny, Donnie, and Leslie get revenge!

  1. Pick characters.

  2. Order the characters' Milestones into a sequence.

  3. Use Vision Rolls to imagine problems for the first Milestone.

  4. Play!

H Gordon Lo.jpg

Gordon Lo

Sarcastic Errand Boy

H Danny Chow.jpg

Danny Chow

Remorseful Taxi Driver

H Donnie Chow.jpg

Donnie Chow

Determined Young Cop

H Leslie Chow.jpg

Leslie Chow

Triad Fixer