Cyberpunked! Sample Characters

Mr. Akado: Betty, this is the only way! The Director knows something’s up
and we’re running out of time.

Betty: You’re asking me to dive into Striker’s Mind! If Striker’s A.I. lights up
before his meat, it’ll tear my mind bit by bit!

Mr. Akado: How long before Edo sicks this pet on us, huh? We don’t give
it a new master, and you’ll be wishing it was only your mind that was
torn apart.

Betty: Ricco, I sure hope some semblance of you is still in that tin can...
Mr. Akado: Dammit Betty, DIVE!

Betty’s cybernetic fingertips turn to trodes as they touch ten points on
the head of Striker. The dive feels like the high jump into an electric
swimming pool. Something like static from a television set getting louder
and louder. The door to the lab slides open as robot sentries enter.
One sentry’s head spins to show a projection of Director Rex's face.

Mr. Akado: Director Rex, what seems to be the problem?
Edo Rex: Don’t play games with me, Akado. Just tell me why...

Striker’s eyes open, his prime directives begin to display...but differently.

Help Striker, Betty Black, and Mr. Akado find redemption and get their lives back!

  1. Pick characters.

  2. Order the character's Milestones into a sequence.

  3. Use Vision Rolls to imagine problems for the first Milestone.

  4. Play!

CP Striker.jpg

Striker (Ricco Suarez) 

Trapped Ghost in the Machine

CP Betty.jpg

Betty Black

Effective Black Agent

CP Akado.jpg

Mr. Akado

Whistleblower Data Analyst

CP AI.jpg

A.I. Body

Ninja Body A.I.