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Actual Plays on YOuTube

Most Recent Dreamchaser Actual Play on our YouTube Channel. 

Check out Session 0 Sessions for Dream Mapping & Character Creation Examples!

Most Recent Unpacking Video on our YouTube Channel!

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Audio Actual Plays

2/9/2017 Here is a four part actual play recorded with the RPG Academy on Twitch. Thanks to Michael Ross, Caleb Gillombardo, and Kevin Smith for imagining a world of spatula and saucery! Enjoy Ars Cuisine!

Trial of Dreamchaser

Episode 1: Dream Mapping and Character Creation

Episode 2: Fear Goggles

Episode 3: Bringing Saucy Back

Episode 4: Super Chefien

1/15/2017 I have three Actual Plays to release. Digestible pieces will be released daily leading up to the Kickstarter on January 24th. A big thank you to the Bards for recording the following Actual Plays. 


Please give each track 10-20 seconds to load. 

Sticking it to Shkreli!


What now, Hero?


Nazi Nemesis


Podcast Interviews

Pete's talks Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny with Tim and Dr. B of Our Personal Interest!

Brodeur talks Pete...a lot! 

Episode 418 - Designing the Destination

Pete talks Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny with Dan, Wayne, and Brodeur of Fear the Boot!

Interview 39 - Pete Petrusha

Bonus Episode 72 - More Peter

Pete visits Gamerstable for a special episode!

What Topic? - Dreamchaser & Rap Session


Written Reviews