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The Kickstarter Video (January, 24, 2017)


Actual Plays on YOuTube

Most Recent Dreamchaser Actual Play on our YouTube Channel. 

Join Lucid, Kush, and Sout as we Hunt down Monsters to Create Weapons and Armor from Their Body Parts! In our first Milestone, the crew comes together to Find Rare Materials for Better Equipment right under their nose.

Check out Session 0 Sessions for Dream Mapping & Character Creation Examples!

Session 0: of Destroy the Camerata with Oliver Peltier and Jim Dagg.

Check out the Dreamchaser YouTube Channel for the full catalogue of Actual Play and Unpacking Videos!


Audio Actual Plays

1/11/2018 Here is a three part actual play edited and produced by Openly Gamer Theatre in collaboration with the Gamerstable RPG Society. Thank you to Eric Ausley, Shannon Steele, Kevin Smith, and Sarah Smith for their far out journey to Save the Forest!

Dreamchaser: Sentinels of the Forest


11/8//2017 Here is a two part actual play recorded with the cast of Keegan & Friends. Thanks to Keegan Damron, Colin Brandon, and Chris LaMendola for their entry into Buckingham Palace in the search of Curly's Gold! 

Find Curly's Gold


2/9/2017 Here is a four part actual play recorded with the RPG Academy on Twitch. Thanks to Michael Ross, Caleb Gillombardo, and Kevin Smith for imagining a world of spatula and saucery! Enjoy Ars Cuisine!

Trial of Dreamchaser


1/15/2017 I have three Actual Plays to release. Digestible pieces will be released daily leading up to the Kickstarter on January 24th. A big thank you to the Bards for recording the following Actual Plays. 


Please give each track 10-20 seconds to load. 

Sticking it to Shkreli!


What now, Hero?


Nazi Nemesis


Podcast Interviews

Pete joins Scott, Josh, John, and Jade at Who's Yer Con X to talk Gaming with Scott, gaming nostalgia, and Dreamchaser!

Pete visits with Woody, Brian, and Josue of Rolling for Change to discuss the therapeutic uses of Dreamchaser and tabletop gaming at large!

Dreamchasing with Peter Petrusha


Pete visits Gamerstable for a special episode!


Brodeur talks Pete...a lot! 

Pete talks Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny with Dan, Wayne, and Brodeur of Fear the Boot!


Pete's talks Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny with Tim and Dr. B of Our Personal Interest!


Written Reviews