imagine stories & Visualize Success

Playing Dreamchaser is like playing out a character in your favorite TV show, book, or movie. You get to play out the role of anyone or anything you choose. Use your imagination to wander the space of another. Put your feet in another's shoes. Escape who you are and express yourself as who you want to be. Be rewarded for creativity, role playing, and describing your actions.

This is our story. Play the story you want to experience. 

Dreamchaser is a game of destiny where the players create the goals of the game. They create what they want to get out of a game—what they want to experience. These events lead us to the ultimate goal, our dream. Then we make the characters we need for that story, that experience. The type of game and setting come second. Dreamchaser adapts to you. We let it be whatever the goal demands. Whatever fits the characters. Come play your part, pursue a dream, and believe! 

The game is what the players want it to be. 

Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny is an immersive story building game where players imagine goals and roleplay characters to fulfill their destiny. Dreamchaser is wonderful at welcoming new players to the hobby! Refreshing and easy to manage for Game Masters with busy lives!