I know it is not done because I can see my dream with perfect clarity now.
— J.K.

This past weekend, I took Dreamchaser on the road to GrandCon.  Shout out to "We hate bards!"  You guys rule!  I had a really cool demo game there that I want to share.  My players, whom we will leave anonymous for the time being, pitched a personal dream of their own.  You see, they work together on a project with aspirations of a comic, card game, role playing game, novels, movies, you name it.  They wanted to play a game after their own empire building.  So we played that game. 

The story was about running a business out of your home and growing it to the size of your ambitions.  It was a tale about partnerships, and how to work with a friend.  It was about the trials and tribulations that come with any creative endeavor and the people that persevered.  The characters were very much the players themselves, if not a bit fictionalized.  We shared in the sensory feelings of what success feels like.  The pride that comes with accomplishment tempered by the adversity of doubt.  Let's call them Adam and Andrea, they know who they are.  I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to name them.  Pipe down and listen!  Adam and Andrea saved their company from a possible lawsuit that threatened to tear down their little startup.  They shared the story with their employees at their 2 year anniversary.  Even as the characters found success, new problems were realized.  How do I perfect my project?  What does that look like?  In the face of adversity, Andrea experienced her "ah ha!" moment.  Adam got to compose the final song on the soundtrack for their major motion picture.  What was their dream you ask?  They wanted to be thanked by strangers.  They wanted to be thanked for inspiring perfect strangers.

They inspired me! It was really awesome to play out something so personal, so real.  

So, about the quote at the top.  I imagine Andrea struggles with creatively "getting it right" in her real life just as her character did in the first half of our game.  What is the right story, the perfect story for her comics, games, books, and movies?  What is the right way to tell that story or talk about that world in her multitude of mediums?  When Andrea spoke, "I know it is not done because I can see my dream with perfect clarity now," we did something special. 

Andrea bested her own demons, if only for a game session, and got to experience what that clarity was like.  What she could do with it. 


Man, is that cool!  It was a rags to riches story but creatively speaking.  They really didn't care about the money, as long as they had enough to fund their projects.  Most games are not played that close to the chest!  I'm glad to see the game can help people realize their dreams, if they want it to.  Until next time!